Our clear commitment to sustainability


We have joined the Biosphere Certificate to ratify our commitment to the Planet, the Environment, our City, our clients and ourselves.

Consistency and integrity

With our values, respecting our principles and acting accordingly.


Our house was carefully renovated keeping the essence of the original architecture as much as possible and taking care of even the smallest detail to make it sustainable.

  • Control of water and energy consumption
  • Individual air conditioning in all rooms
  • Double glazing on all windows for maximum insulation
  • Eco Amenities
  • Low consumption Led bulbs
  • In the breakfasts we avoid the individual containers
  • We serve local products
  • We actively reject single-use plastic bottles
  • We offer the VITBOT bottle in all rooms
  • In the matter of cleaning, we use Eco-sustainable products
  • We recycle all waste
  • And without forgetting our terrace! Beautiful and sunny, with native plants
  • We promote the use of public transport / bicycles


To our city as a tourist destination based on coexistence and civility.

We are particularly concerned about the negative impact that the misunderstood tourism phenomenon can cause. At Casa Mathilda we live the experience of the trip as a cultural exchange, where both parties give each other the best of themselves.

We are open to any proposal that brings us closer to this objective.

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The experience of traveling is one of the most enriching that life offers us. New technologies make this privilege available to all of us with the risk that this entails, such as massification, globalization and the erosion generated by mass movements.

In Casa Mathilda we feel committed and we want to actively contribute to spreading and promoting a way of traveling that is sustainable, respectful and as close to ecology as possible. Help us!

Here are some guidelines:

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